Wild Weather

The leaves are mostly still on trees this week which is a huge surprise considering the gale-force winds and early snowfall. It has been a nasty October so far, and the forecast is not expected to change any time soon.

High winds tore through Grand Marais this week causing havoc for many residents, including myself.

Trampolines were overturned, fallen trees damaged power lines leaving some people without power for the day, and our docks and rental fleet took a beating. One of our fishing boats sunk after crushing the boat lift it was resting on and the pontoon boat smashed against the dock enough times to snap the aluminum webbing that supports the flooring.

Usually I am an optimistic man that would believe we are in for some nicer weather ahead and want to keep the docks and boats in the water until the very last minute, but not this year. I pulled the docks and boats out yesterday because we are expected to have another bout of high winds and rain that will turn to snow. It is tine to winterize and store everything possible before we get a monumental storm that turns into winter.

Grouse hunters have had a tough season so far, at least the ones staying with us who spent more time in their cabins than the woods. I am no expert bird hunter, but the birds are not moving around much in this weather, making them difficult to find. Grouse tend to run and hide on the ground more when the wind is blowing, which also makes it harder to flush them out.

If this cold and nasty fall is any indication of the winter to come, we are in for a wild one.