Turkey Day at Sea

Nice days are now a matter of opinion, and I am happy with any day the sun decides to show itself— even if only for an hour. Morning frosts have taken a toll on the vegetation, exposing the wilderness and reminding us of how close we are to the winter season.

Devil Track Lake is down to 38 degrees, pert near freezing, and I would expect to see solid ice sooner than later. Like many folks, I still need a little more time to prepare for the next season, but the window of opportunity is quickly closing. Old Man Winter’s grip is getting a little tighter by the day and the various “local coffee clubs” around town are already predicting a harsh winter ahead.

Tourism has taken a dive this week for the first time since Memorial weekend, which to many seems like years ago, as many local eateries close their doors for a break from the madness. We will also close our doors at Skyport Lodge for a couple of weeks this November to take a much-deserved family reunion vacation.

We will be cruising the Caribbean with the Christiansons, for a Thanksgiving celebration with my side of the family which is way too large for any one of us to host. It should be a great time, and a nice way to catch up with my family from Iowa who we rarely get to see since buying the lodge.

Vacationing can be challenging when you are in the business of hosting vacationers. The prime time to go anywhere is the most difficult time for us to leave and there are not a lot of options in the “off-season” that don’t involve pulling the kids from school for a week.

Turkey Day at sea is certainly non-traditional, but it sounds better than fighting traffic to Des Moines, Iowa – and nobody has to do the dishes!