The last day of summer

The Pincushion maple trees are beginning to turn, and the lakes are cooling off while we enter the beginning stages of fall. Leaves will change colors as the forest ripens, and the wildlife begins to prepare for a long winter ahead.

It feels much too soon to start talking about winter. Rachelle and I are still licking our wounds from a long summer of managing the lodge and are feeling like we could use some rest and relaxation of our own. The kids are back in school, the restaurant will be changing back to an evening eatery soon which will give us some time to re-connect and focus on our family.

On the last day of summer, Labor Day Monday, Bo and I decided to give Two Island Lake a try for one last round of walleye fishing- but we could not get a bite. Bo decided he would rather throw a top-water lure then convince a sluggish walleye into biting and did manage to get an aggressive miss from a shallow lurking monster that refused to give him another chance.

That afternoon, we decided to try our luck on the big lake since it was such a calm and sunny day. This time the entire family went, even Maggie our wiener dog, and we had a great time cruising the shorelines while watching the Grand Marais madness from a different view. The water was crystal clear and the kids peered over the bow into the water as we sped by the beautiful houses.

It was like snorkeling over magnificent rock ledges and giant boulders without having to get into the water.

Artist Point had nearly a hundred people scattered along the shoreline, and a few brave souls were snorkeling and swimming off the tip as we idled by in our little fishing boat. Two lakes in the same day, and we were skunked on both.

To my defense, we spent a lot more time exploring than fishing- and I never heard a complaint from anyone because we were having fun.