Rainy day fun

This is the last week of summer vacation for Cook County students, and I cannot believe how fast the season has gone. We tried taking our kids swimming on Seagull Lake for an end-of-summer family day, but instead were faced with misty cold weather that felt like the beginnings of fall.

Swimming at the Seagull beach was not happening once the kids tested the water and realized they could see their breath, so we quickly ate our picnic lunch before changing the game plan. Rachelle and Sophia decided they would rather visit the Chik Wauk museum than attempt to catch dinner with Bo and me on Seagull Lake, and we salvaged an otherwise nasty day.

The Nature Center at Chik-Wauk museum is always a hit with plenty of “hands-on” activities for both children and adults, and the ladies had a great time making bird feeders from pine cones.

Fishing for dinner was not easy, but we managed to get a nice lake trout that Bo insists on cooking over a campfire, but he may have to settle for a BBQ grill if the rains continue to fall. The smallmouth bass were biting, but the walleyes were not to be found in the two hours we invested into hunting for dinner. I know plenty of folks who love to eat smallmouth bass, but I was much happier seeing a nice lake trout in the cooler at the end of the day.

Mother Nature does not always cooperate when we make plans to be outdoors, and it would be selfish to complain about the much-needed rainfall. I am proud of my family for not letting the rain and cold temperatures ruin the little time we all get to spend together away from our lodge. We took a rainy day and made it fun – together.