Pickers Beware

The window of opportunity is closing fast if you have yet to fill a bucket of blueberries this season. Saganaga Lake patches are quickly drying and most of the ripe berries have fallen to the ground making berry picking difficult. A few miles south, near the Seagull area, the berry patches are slightly healthier this week and I have been seeing some vehicles parked along many of the notorious Gunflint Trail spots.

Summer is winding down and already we are hearing talk about children returning to school. August is a very busy month for resorts in our area as families sneak away for one last vacation before sending their little ones back to the classroom. I have been doing a little guided fishing this week despite being short-handed at the lodge. Long-time regular clients are difficult to deny, and I need a break from our kitchen every now and again to help keep me sane.

Fishing has been good on Saganaga Lake and it is a relief to see that the walleyes are being found on many of the main lake rock piles and are coming in a variety of sizes, which would indicate a diverse population. Slip-bobbers have been very effective with lively leeches in 20 to 24 feet of water. I like to set the depth of the slip bobber a few feet above the bottom, which allows hungry walleyes to see them better.

Devil Track Lake, where our resort is located, has been getting some angling pressure this week – especially near the evening hours. There are at least five or six boats anchored a few hundred yards from our docks each evening catching smallmouth bass and edible-size walleyes.

We will be closing the grill on Tuesdays at Skyport Lodge due to lack of staff, and to ensure a real family day before summer escapes and our kids are back in school.