HydroFlight returns

Grand Marais has survived another Fisherman’s Picnic, and everyone in the service industry looks a little worn out. I witnessed the massive amounts of people and vehicles on Saturday while filling a few much-needed gas cans for our rental boats, and Highway 61 looked like the main street at the Minnesota State Fair with hordes of pedestrians making their way around town.

Things were a little quieter up the hill at the Raven Rock Grill on Devil Track, but we still managed to get enough restaurant business from folks looking to escape the downtown madness. Competing with Grand Marais is impossible, and often we find ourselves feeling jealous of the massive amounts of tourists that refuse to venture away from the downtown area, but we manage to stay busy enough.

Bringing something new to the table is important, so we have decided to have one more weekend of Hydro Flight at Skyport Lodge since the weather did not allow us to reserve many flights last time. This Saturday and Sunday there will be the same crew here with the same gadgets to fly on the water, and we encourage anyone interested in testing their skills to stop by any time from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. to watch or participate in this exciting event.

I was not able to suit up last time, but my wife Rachelle took to the air like a seasoned professional, after a short 10-minute tutorial and a few failed attempts. The instructor is connected to the customer with a helmet speaker system, which enables them to communicate while they are attempting to take flight.

There will be 20-minute flights sold this time for $90 which is slightly more affordable than the 30-minute slots we sold last time, and just enough time to really get the hang of it without wearing out. Children must be at least 12 years old and we hope to see you there.