HydroFlight at Skyport Lodge

The summer heat has arrived, at least for those living inland, and Devil Track Lake has been busy with boaters cooling off on the water. High humidity and drastic temperature changes between downtown Grand Marais and the surrounding inland areas have been causing some intense fog especially over Lake Superior.

This week we celebrate our nation’s independence with a firework display in Grand Marais, and I would expect to see a few private displays throughout the evening on Devil Trackeven though the holiday falls on a Wednesday this year.

It seems like many cabin owners are taking the entire week to visit their lake homes with family and friends. We could see a few plumes of smoke rising from fire pits along the shores of Devil Track while sitting beneath the stars enjoying the outdoors without the heat. This is the only time of year I enjoy being in the water.

I will be spending some water time this coming weekend with the Hydro Flight crew that will be at Skyport Lodge on Saturday and Sunday. If you want to strap on a James Bond style jet pack and fly over the lake, or you would like to see someone else doing it, stop in anytime between 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. There will be yard games set up to enjoy and live music at 4 p.m. on Sunday with an outdoor BBQ buffet.

Rachelle and I both plan to “fly on water” whenever time allows this weekend and are excited to host such an event at our lodge. The Hydro Flight instructors will be in the water training anyone interested in giving it a try—see you there.