First Snow

The fall colors are popping but the weather has been less than enjoyable with cold, wet, and windy conditions and little reprieve in the forecast. If a cold fall is any indication of an early winter, then we should be getting ready for snow soon.

The Gunflint Trail woke to a white surprise Saturday morning with an overnight dusting of snowfall that survived the evening, and into the morning before melting away. Many summer home owners are hoping to enjoy one more visit to the cabin in October, but they may be roughing it without water if these temperatures continue to drop below freezing at night.

Pipes are not going to burst at these temperatures, but some of the smaller copper lines that run underneath cabins have a hard time thawing enough to drain if they start to freeze.

Some years we are draining cabins wondering why the owners would not be here to enjoy the beautiful fall colors and the last warm sunshine of the year, while other years are like this one. Long john underwear and rain suits are the proper attire this year as we crawl underneath tight crawlspaces, and wade through chilly waters to remove submerged waterlines.

Winter preparations at the lodge are also on my list this fall, and I can already cross off pressure washing and staining the exterior since we are likely not going to see too many more days with 50 degree plus temperatures. I can also cross off winterizing the Bertram, our 1974-yard ornament that never got used this summer. Oh well, if you don’t use them they don’t break… as much.

Hopefully your fall chore list is shorter than mine, and with any luck we will still see that extended summer we have become so accustomed to in years past, but it is not looking good. Best to tackle those chores soon and prepare for a long winter ahead.