Cory Christianson

Co-owner of Skyport Lodge

Cory Christianson used to write a weekly column for the Cook County News Herald entitled 'Tales from the Track'. His column focused on the North Shore and it's wildlife, as well as his extensive experience as a fishing guide on the Gunflint Trail for 23 years. Cory has decided it's time to focus on his responsibilities at Skyport Lodge and has since retired his column, but his articles are still available to read below. Enjoy!

Berry picking begins

Grab your pail and head up the Trail; it’s blueberry-picking time again. The patches are just beginning to turn blue and already we are seeing some berry pickers parking along the Gunflint Trail. Blueberries grow abundantly near the end of...

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Devil Track Walleyes

Flying over the lake with a jet pack has not been the only hot topic this week on Devil Track Lake. Walleyes are biting, and anglers are taking advantage of the quick fishing each evening before the sun settles on the horizon. Tourists staying at...

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HydroFlight at Skyport Lodge

The summer heat has arrived, at least for those living inland, and Devil Track Lake has been busy with boaters cooling off on the water. High humidity and drastic temperature changes between downtown Grand Marais and the surrounding inland areas...

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The buzz of summer

The first days of summer have been hot and muggy with an occasional rainstorm, which are ideal conditions for breeding mosquitoes. Swarms of dragonflies have been working the shorelines sucking up hundreds of those pesky little bloodhounds, but they...

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March of the turtles

Living amongst wildlife allows us to witness annual events that occur naturally, despite the influences of human development. Roads, buildings, and carbon footprints affect nature’s course in a multitude of ways, yet somehow...

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fishing opener

The sun was shining but opening day had a chill in the air that forced my crew to return home to add another layer of clothing. Devil Track Lake was ice covered only three short days prior to the fishing opener on Saturday, and the occasional...

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Open water opener

The million-dollar question of the week, “Is the ice going to be gone by the opener?” has become a little easier to answer after yesterday’s rain. Devil Track Lake had only receded 20 or 30 feet from the shoreline until the slow...

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